La Forza Tamp proudly introduces it's first product.

Our new Hand Espresso Tampers will provide a striking contrast to your industrial looking espresso equipment and will be right at home next to your Illy designer cups.


Handmade Handles

La Forza Tamper Handles are entirely handmade in Deruta Italy where they are turned by hand on pottery wheels. The handles are then hand painted, glazed and doubled fired in the traditional Majorca style using classic regional patterns. As reviewed at Coffeeholic Blog


Stainless Steel Bases

Our bases are finally complete!

Constructed of Stainless steel to resemble the base of a Roman Column, we think you will agree, there is nothing else like the new Ionic Tamper base.

Oh yeah, they can also be used with your Reg Barber handles as shown here!

The Tamper Store

Our online store is not quite ready for production at this time.We do have a limited inventory of Tampers ready for sale. Feel free to contact us if you're interested.